About us

twp Berlin is a Berlin-based public affairs consultancy. Our services are targeted to the needs of the (international) financial services industry looking for support in their understanding of and outreach to the political Berlin and wider Germany. We are also taking on these services in relation to Brussels and other constituencies in the EU-27 (see one-pager).

twp Berlin has been launched (see press release) by Dr Ansgar Tietmeyer and Dr Michael Wolgast. Both managing partners have a long-standing professional track record in government and public affairs for the financial services industry. They are working with a team of analysts and a group of both international and German external Senior Advisors.


Against the backdrop of the current profound challenges and structural change, we assist companies, trade associations, related public sector institutions and financial investors with

  • background information on the political stakeholders
  • additional intelligence
  • monitoring
  • focused analyses
  • strategic advice
  • outreach activities
    • related to a specific issue or
    • ⁠as part of a more general positioning.